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The Sun

Check out my new poem. I started this as a 15-minute exercise with my new writing group, on the word “Sun.” Then I went home and edited it up a bit. Enjoy!

The Sun

O, God! O, Glory! O, Holy Emperor!

O, King of Kings! O, Mighty Creator!

You, who pull grain from the earth’s soft skin,

You, who sprout green from rock and field,

You, who bathe us in fear as you hide after dusk,

You, who soak in our praise as you rise with the dawn.

Without you, I am dark and I am dead.

With you, a million cataclysmic equations, reactions, additions, and fractions spring about like excited electrons bursting from atoms and nuclei through the vast, blank space, just as you glide throughout your own father, the universe.

I breathe in all of your invisible nourishment;

The air created from your loin to share with those who

feel and touch and live.

O, God! O, Glory! O, Holy Emperor!

O, King of Kings! O, Mighty Creator!

You, who banish the dark with your sword of light.

You, who move all the mountains without hiccup or wink.

You, who cry blinding tears to rejuvenate those who serve you.

You, who accept our prayers and our wars and our love and our struggle.

Without you, there is pain and there is hate.

With you, there is pain and there is hate. Violent, despicable war over you and for you, below you and with you. We fight together; hand in hand during the day and behind great, blackened shields by nightfall.

You are everything at all hours;

You strip vast nothingness of his

Clothes and jealousy and rage.

O, Mighty God! O, Brave Warrior!

O, Wise King! O, Gentle Tyrant!

General to the great army below.

Captain to the phalanx of planets.

Commander to the formation of comets,

whirling about like a weightless typhoon!

Chaos swims around you in a hurricane whirlwind.

You are the eye. You are the calm.

You are the soul of wonder and

You are the

Pause in the most powerful process of existence.

O, Mighty Emperor, without you I am dust.

O, King of Kings, I shall serve you until death.

May 9, 2011


“All aboard the train” Atlas announced. “Ailment-free and able-bodies preferred. All with arm’s like anchors and advantageous assets, come along.”

Armies of athletic and active animals stood at attention.

Aching with envy, the aged Abraham stared in awe.

“Well, aren’t you the archetype for an Ass?”

Atlas, with anger and annoyance, answered loudly,

“Abe – are not you the ant in the Earth, anxiously adding his filth to the already abundant soil?”

“Abe – are you not the audible annoyance in the already abounding atmosphere?

“Abe – are you not the ample oxidation, rusting the automobile’s aged axel, aiming to add to it’s ruin?”

“Abe – are you not the abounding crud, adept at attaching to the apparatus or agent we aim to accomplish?!”

An annihilated Abe accepted his defeat.

“How artful you are, Atlas, so supreme with authority and acclaim. Your angst and all-powerful attitude have assisted in my embarrassment.”

Atlas paused and acknowledged his abuse.

“Let me abolish my outburst. This train arrives in Athens with Abraham. Accept my apology and I shall always articulate with honor.”

Abraham agreed and ascended the steps with a new appreciation for Atlas.


- Brett Randell 5/9/11

(Alliteration for the letter “A”)

November 22, 2009

Pics from my Halloween day of working at Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds!

November 14, 2009

Updates from Austin!

Wow, I suck at updating!

Let me tell you all of the crazy things that have been happening out here:

1) I worked at a ridiculous costume store called Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds for a month (right up to Halloween). It was one of the craziest jobs I’ve ever had.

2) I opened up a show at Momo’s - one of Austin’s best music venues. I’ll be opening up another show there Thanksgiving night for Blues Mafia and T-Bird and the Breaks. Both amazing Austin bands - check their myspaces.

3) I’ve been playing with an unbelievable cellist, Chris Rains and just started jamming with an incredible drummer, Music Read. The music’s going to sound real cool with more instruments. I plan on recording a new CD early 2010. Keep on the lookout!

I’ll update again soon. Peace!


September 25, 2009

First 16 bars of Chopin’s “Nocturne in F Minor Op. 55” - Oh yeaaa

September 17, 2009

First 2 weeks in Austin!

What’s up everyone? Sorry, I’ve been slacking - I’ve been having too much fun here.

Well, I’ll give y’all (yes, it’s happening) an update on what’s happening in Austin.

  • Had my first gig in the ATX on Tuesday. Sound Off Acoustic at The Dirty Dog Bar on 6th street. Matthew McConaughey was there, which was AWESOME. Talked to him for a bit after the show. He really liked my stuff and loved my move to “paradise,” as he calls this place.
  • Got my first Tattoo on my left forearm. Take a look at some pics below.
  • Doing the whole job search thing, which is…no fun. But, I’ve got some interviews so I’ll keep ya posted.
  • Did a 300 person nighttime bike ride through the city, finishing with free beer : )
  • Setup 5 gigs and a wedding for next month!

Well, this place is absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to.

I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening. Peace!


September 10, 2009

These are some pics of my new tattoo! This is only the first stage- next the artist will be adding in all the notes from Chopin’s Nocturne in F Minor. Op. 55  (well, the first 17 bars).

September 7, 2009

First blog!

What’s up! So I’m tumblin….I’m gonna figure out how to use this thing more and post some updates tonight.

Glad to finally have a blog : )